Valdao was developed as the overarching semester project during the Summer Semester 2020 at University of Applied Sciences Europe, Campus Hamburg. With a team of 9 people, our goal was to use the short amount time we had to create a game that outshines all other university game projects we have made before. Together we wanted enhance our abilities and knowledge and deal with a big project that wouldn't be feasable in a small team. In about 3 month we managed to create a vertical slice of the game feel facing challenges like working remotely due to COVID-19 and the cooperation and management of a big team simulating an professional working environment.

My Contributions

As the Art Lead of this project I made sure that the style stays consinstent throughout the entire development. I created the main character and modeled and textured most of the 3D models of the game. Additionally I was Programming support and took care of the Sound Design as we had no team member specifically for that.

Download the full process documentation here with more details on my contributions: Process Documentation

Main Character Concept
Finished Main Character model
Quick Render of the Main Character
Solar Flower and Leaf model
Solar Leaf Furl
Wilting Solar Leaf
Environment models